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Increase your home security

Increase Your home security

1: Try to think like a burglar, if you had to how would you break into your home. Identify any weaknesses in your home security and rectify.

2: Keep all doors and windows locked even if you have only popped out for a short time. It only takes a minute for an opportunist thief to try your door and steal valuables.


3: Lock garage doors when not in use and try not to leave it open for too long. Garages often provide access to your house and contain valuables.


4: When you move home always get the locks changed. You never know how many sets of keys are out there or who has them.


5: If you’re going out for the night leave some lights on with energy saving light bulbs and the tv or radio. You are less likely to be targeted if your house looks occupied.


6: Don’t leave notes on the door telling delivery men to leave parcels. This is an obvious sign that you are not going to be in for the day.


7: Install security lights outside. If a thief can’t stay  out of sight they are less likely to target you.



8: Install a burglar alarm. This will always make a thief think twice.



9: If you ever lose a key outside always change the locks, even if they turn up later. You never know if someone found it and had one cut.


10:  Do not leave spare keys hidden outside. Even if you think you have a good hiding place.