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Going Away

With the summer months approaching and warmer weather on its way it is important to remember home security as we venture away from home for longer periods of time. With the excitement of holidays and weekends away this is easily over looked.

Statistics show that 30% of burglaries happen through open windows and when the temperature rises a refreshing breeze through the house is an easy way to keep cool. However a thief only needs a brief window of opportunity to burglarize  you, so even if you are just popping to the shops close and lock your windows.

It is also important to keep all out buildings secure after been out in the garden. Apart from sheds holding valuable equipment they also provide tools for breaking into your home. So, always remember to lock up when left unattended.

Where possible it is also advisable to get a neighbour to pop round and collect any post, a mountain of unopened post is a sure sign that you are away.

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