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Is Your uPVC door Secure?

Is My uPVC Door Really That Secure?

When at a customer’s house I often hear that when they had uPVC doors fitted they were told that they were the most secure type of security but that they have recently heard that they may be more vulnerable than first told.

Multi point locks on uPVC doors do offer great security, however what is often over looked is the cylinder in the door. This is a mistake you do not want to make. In order to utilise your multi point locks full security potential you must ensure that you have a high security cylinder in it.

High security locks will have the following features :

Anti snap

Anti bump

Anti pick

Anti drill

To help identify if a lock has one or more of these features there are various logos or standards to look out for, either on the locks or on the packaging.

British Standard kitemark KiteMark

Kitemarked locks will usually have at least one high security feature and many insurance companies now require all cylinders on final exit doors to bear this mark.

Secured By Design     secure_by_design

Secured by design is owned by the association of chief police officers and focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises. Their logo and approval can be given to domestic locks meeting  British Standard 3621:1998.

TS 007***

This is a security standard developed by Door and Hardware Federation and Glass and Glazing Federation. This standard is achieved by gaining a 3* rating system.

There are cylinders available that immediately give you a maximum security 3* rating. However, this maximum security rating can also be achieved by combining locks and door hardware. This is done by combining a 1* cylinder lock with a 2* security handle.

Locks and hardware that are able to comply with the TS 007 standard should be marked with the relevant amount of stars.

Achieving a 3* rating will mean that your door can withstand attack from snapping, drilling, bumping and picking.

PAS 23/24

PAS 23/24, or Publicly Available Security, must achieve a kitemarked standard and also be snap resistant to mole grips and screws. PAS 23/24 door handles are also available and will usually carry a 2* rating, protecting from drilling and lock snapping.

The average time a burglar will spend trying to break into your home is 3 minutes and a PAS 23/24 cylinder lock must be able to withstand attack for at least this amount of time.

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