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Staying Secure

If you have just moved house it is always advisable to get all the locks changed, you never know who has a spare key.

If you have lost a key, change your locks, even if you have a spare you never know where the lost one is or who has it.

If you want to be certain your house is as safe as you can make it, here are 10 tips you should follow.

1. Fit strong locks to external doors and windows, and make sure they are locked at all times.

2. Always remove all keys from inside locks, and keep them out of sight and in a safe place.

3. Fit sturdy deadlocks (British Standard BS3621) to all doors.

4. Make sure your doors and frames are strong and in good condition – wood doors should be at least 44mm thick.

5. Use high security, anti snap, anti pick and anti bump cylinder locks on UPVC doors.

6. Fit a door chain or bar and door viewer (spy-hole), and use them.

7. Never leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place such as under the doormat, in a flowerpot or behind a loose brick – thieves know to look there first.

8. When you are out in the evening, leave your lights on and shut the curtains.

9. Install outside security lighting; if other people can see your property a burglar may think twice.

10. Keep your tools and ladders securely locked up – a burglar could use them to get into your house.

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